Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you’re looking for a passive online income source, contact us about Amazon affiliate marketing. It can be a great way to monetize your site for readers coming to your blog. By weaving links into helpful product evaluations and discussions you can set up links for products that can be purchased on Amazon after clicking through from your website.

Amazon, in return for referring product sales to Amazon, will pay a commission up to 10% of the sale price for any item your readers buy. If a reader clicks and does not buy right away, it works for anything they buy for the next 24 hours. However, once they pay for an item, the link is deactivated and additional purchases will not pay out unless they go back to your site and click on a link to once again redirect them to Amazon from your blog. So, in general, if they click on a link from your blog and pay for any item in their cart you get paid, they do not have to buy the item linked from. But once they pay for any item in the cart you will not get paid for future purchases from Amazon unless they go back to Amazon from a link in your blog post.

Please note that the links below are Amazon affiliate marketing links and at no additional cost to you, however, I may earn a commission.

Just click on any of the links below to be directed to Amazon. Thanks!