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The Orville Lasting Impressions

The Orville Lasting Impressions After watching several episodes of the Orville, Seth McFarland’s latest TV series, I finally actually loved one of the episodes. There were two previous part one and two episodes where Isaac, the robot (think Commander Data) becomes deactivated. He ends up starting an all-out war with earth in this episode. It […]

Hummingbird Gets Full Caching

Hummingbird SEO hummingbird vs wp cache

Hummingbird vs WP Cache Hummingbird vs WP Cache What is the best WordPress Cache plugin? In the past, sites used wp-super cache for most of WordPress website platforms. However, search engine algorithms changed and evolved and more sites pushed their boat out and are now using Hummingbird. Does this say the best WordPress Cache plugin […]

Paid Internet Advertising

paid internet advertising - ppc advertising - keyword strategies that work landing page

Paid Internet Advertising Paid Internet Advertising is a great way to pull more traffic to your business website and ultimately draw in more leads. However, it can be very expensive and requires things like analysis and landing pages. Therefore, you need to make sure you always get the biggest bang from your paid ad dollars. […]

Citation Directories – SEO Best Practices

search optimization SEM SEO Company Directory listings for backlinks

Citation Directories – SEO Best Practices Places to List Your Business Online Citations directories are a key piece of any SEO strategy. Gone are the days when businesses paid annual subscriptions to get to their contact details listed in the Yellow Pages. In the modern day landscape, businesses need to do far more than that […]