Fredonia Walking Club

fredonia walking club

Fredonia Walking Club A group of Fredonia men was inspired by press reports in 1909 about Edward Payson Weston, an elderly man who walked from New York City to San Francisco at the age of 70 in 104 days. Weston was disappointed with his time, falling short of his 100-day goal. The following year he […]

How I Removed A Bad Review From Google Reviews

My client recently had an incident, where a direct business competitor, attacked my client personally and professionally on Facebook. I know this is a Google Reviews article, not about Facebook, but this is where the story started. The exchange was bizarre and after several statements made by the competitor were malicious lies, my client looked […]

Problems with Using a SEO Company In India

SEO Company in India

Read This Before You Hire an SEO Company in India Today I am going to discuss a topic that, well, it “grinds my gears” as Peter Griffin would say, and that topic is, clients who have been burned by using an unscrupulous SEO company in India. It irritates me, and I feel bad for the […]

2020 Guide to Help You Get Found on Google Search

get found on google search

Get Found on Google Search in 2020! We hope you enjoy this guide. We believe it will help you understand how a website gets found in Google search in 2020. We have put together some facts, our opinions, as well as some views from Google and other SEO’s. We love working in SEO, and we […]

How Long Should A Blog Post Be for SEO?

how long should a blog post be

How Long Should A Blog Post Be? What is the magic number for blog posts length? How long should a blog post be to rank on page one? Yoast, for example, says articles need to be at least 300 words. But what is the right answer, and furthermore, what is the best length for SEO? […]

Flying Drones Over Private Property

Flying Drones Over Private Property

Flying Drones Over Private Property And Other Questions I was recently reading a post on the blog post and came across this question recently posted by Serhii Havrylenko. Serhii asked, “Please take a look at my video and please let me know, is this flight allowed? How can you be sure your drone is […]

Google Challenge Coin – Google Recognizes Veteran Owned Businesses

Google Challenge Coin

Google Challenge Coin Award! Over the years, after spending thousands of dollars on Google Ads, I have received different things from Google. However, I have never seen Google target veterans, especially in this way. The Google Challenge Coin is a very military targeted approach to recognition of military service. Challenge coins hold special meaning for […]

Google Algorithm Update – Bert Is Here

Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update – BERT Update Trying to Improve Search Quality by 10% As of the time of this writing, Google has been rolling out a Google Algorithm Update named BERT. They say the update could change up to 10% of result rankings. BERT, as it is known, is based on natural language understanding. Pandu […]

Life Onboard the USS Denver 1942-1945

Life Onboard the USS Denver

WWII – 1942 Through 1945 Book Owner and Sailor from the USS Denver during this period – Erwin Hilliard 000 Life On Board the USS Denver 1942 1945 front book cover 001 Life On Board the USS Denver 1942 1945 inside front cover left 002 Life On Board the USS Denver 1942 1945 inside front […]

Mars 2020 Rover

Your Name In Space If you are a space enthusiast, you can join other fans who have sent their names to extraterrestrial destinations for over two decades. Now is your chance to get in as it’s that time. Starting now and going through September 30, 2019, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is accepting names for […]