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After the Navy, Stacy dove into marketing, working for industry leaders in the mortgage, high-tech, and automotive industries. Breaking out on his own in 2014, Stacy established Searchorb Marketing. Since that time, Searchorb has thrived, and Stacy has established himself as an internet ad and SEO expert as well as becoming a photographer and licensed drone pilot to contribute original visual images and video content for Searchorb and our clients.

Ultima Thule A Snowman In Space

Ultima Thule Snowman Asteroid Back in January, astronomers and scientists received the first data from the New Horizons spacecraft. They were elated to find a strange object. From their first look, it appeared to consist of two contacting spheres. These bound spheres are known as a contact binary planetesimals. Ultima Thule, which is named 2014 MU69, looked like a giant space snowman. Is Ultima Thule Flat Scientists have now had time to analyze additional data and have changed their perspective of Ultima Thule. A secondary set of images as the spacecraft moved away was taken 10 minutes after the [...]

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Longmont Gluten Free Foods And More

The Mountain Fountain is Gluten-Free Paradise Gluten-free foods are getting easier to find. However, oftentimes, the variety is limited and you sort of get what you get. Well, not at the Mountain Fountain just outside of Longmont in Hygiene. If you have wheat allergies, you are a Celiac sufferer, have a gluten intolerance or you are just wanting to avoid it. Carrie and the crew at the Mountain Fountain have your Longmont gluten-free fix. The Best Longmont Gluten-Free Bakery The Mountain Fountain is located at the west end of 17th street. To get there you simply head [...]

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs If you’re looking for a passive online income source, contact us about Amazon affiliate marketing. It can be a great way to monetize your site for readers coming to your blog. By weaving links into helpful product evaluations and discussions you can set up links for products that can be purchased on Amazon after clicking through from your website. Amazon, in return for referring product sales to Amazon, will pay a commission up to 10% of the sale price for any item your readers buy. If a reader clicks and does not buy [...]

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Wichita Grain Elevator Mural

Cultural Wichita Grain Elevator Mural Drivers making their way down I-135 in Wichita are treated to a new and lovely cultural grain elevator mural. As the last few months have gone by, the faces of the mural have become more and more apparent. Wichita will soon have a huge painted grain elevator mural. What is possibly the largest mural to be painted by a single artist in North America is becoming a reality against all odds. The mural is on a grain elevator on a north Wichita grain elevator and a lot of locals and travelers are starting to notice. [...]

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Best DJI Mavic Pro Battery Charger

Powerextra Charging Hub for DJI Mavic Pro The Powerextra DJI Mavic Pro 5 in 1 Intelligent Multi Battery Charger works is a professional level battery charger. It charges DJI, Powerextra and other manufacturers Mavic Pro smart flight batteries. This charger has 3 battery charging ports and 2 USB ports, therefore making this powerhouse charging hub. It is capable of simultaneously charging 3 flight batteries, the remote controller and another USB-enabled device at the same time. This charger features high output, reliable quality, heavy-duty construction, and protection built-in. Batteries & USB Device Grounded Time-saving Charging Hub: The charger [...]

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Amazon Office

Amazon Office – Office Supply Buying Your Way Amazon Office Makes it Easy Amazon Office is the Amazon you love, for work. Make workplace procurement easier with convenient delivery options, simplified purchasing workflows, multiple payment options, and a competitive marketplace with business-only pricing and quantity discounts. Anyone who makes purchases for work (eg. procurement specialists, office administration, IT departments, etc.) can create a free account for their business. Customers must be from a verified business in order to successfully create their Amazon Business account. Amazon Office Electronics & Supplies Amazon Office Electronics & Supplies store [...]

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Red Truck Beer Grand Opening In Fort Collins

New Red Truck Beer Building Recently Opened If you are looking for a new place to hang out, Red Truck Beer Brewery is pretty damn cool. Their patio is awesome, I mean not only is it cools, but it’s also huge. To start, they have a couple of fire pits right upfront to lounge around. The building itself seems to have a moat in the front not to mention a giant water tower. An Awesome Patio for Outdoor Events or Just hanging Out The patio continues along the side and all the way around to the back of the [...]

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New Drone Law Will Make You Take a Test

New Drone Law, Will the Law Affect You The new house bill linked here, HR-302 Federal Aviation Authority Re-authorization Act of 2018 (See pages 247 to 348) has passed through the house and is now on its way to the Senate for a final vote. The bill is expected to pass without change to the provisions affecting drones and hobby aircraft. The biggest issue at hand is that the new bill will require everyone to pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test to fly any hobby aircraft or drone. The new law does not, however, change the current regulations [...]

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DJI Osmo Plus – Stabilization and Flexibility

DJI Osmo Plus – Love It or Just Ok? I bought the DJI Osmo Plus a couple of weeks ago and I have been playing with it quite a bit. I toyed with just using my Pixel XL 2 as a camera on the Osmo Mobile 2. However, I decided the issues of balancing a larger phone were more than I wanted to hassle with. I also looked at the standard DJI Osmo. It is pretty much the same basic camera but has no optical zoom. I felt the optical zoom was worth a bit more money, so [...]

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Pirate Tower Laguna Beach | Victoria Tower Laguna Beach

Pirate Tower Laguna Beach - Victoria Tower Laguna Beach If you have ever wished you were a pirate, this story is for you. When you think of pirates, do you link them to Laguna Beach, California? If not, you are not alone. There have been no pirates in California except for the Raiders, and even they are going to move to Las Vegas. There is no storied history of Pirates in California, so why is there a Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach? So, how the heck did the Pirate Tower Laguna Beach come to be? Let us tell you [...]

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