Best Longmont Painting Contractor ER Home Painter

Here is our Interview with Emilio and Johnna Reyna, Owners of ER Home Painter in Longmont Colorado, The Best Longmont Painting Contractor.

As part of Searchorb’s local business spotlight, I recently had the chance to sit down with Emilio and Johnna Reyna in Longmont Colorado. Emilio and Johnna run their business, ER Home Painter, together. Johnna handles the books while Emelio handles customer interactions, paints and manages the painting crews. Emilio is a committed business owner and as a person, he loves to help others. I asked him what he liked most about owning his own painting business and he told me, “I can take care of someone’s paint job will treat them fair”. He said, “I hate it when people always have their hand out asking for more, so I do my best not to do that to my customers”.

Best Longmont Painting Contractor

ER Home Painter started a few years ago and has grown from pure referral business. Only recently did they decide to do some advertising with the idea of growing the company. Emilio wants to add more crews, enabling him to focus on multiple jobs. The work they do includes residential house painting and is a commercial painting contractor as well. Emilio said, “there is no job that is too big or too small, we can do pretty much any painting job”, then he laughed and said, “well maybe not the outside of a skyscraper”. We can easily say that ER Home Painter is the Best Longmont Painting Contractor we have worked with.

Longmont and Boulder Colorado Painting Contractor

If you are looking for a family-owned house or business painting company, ER Home Painter will treat you fair, they are reliable and they generally care about their customers and the job they do. They have many customer references and testimonials which really tell about the job they do. If you are looking for a house painter in Longmont, a commercial painting contractor in Boulder, or an office interior pant job in Broomfield, they will do the job quickly, neatly and it will be done right the first time.

Below is a recent commercial spot for ER Home Painter in Longmont from Searchorb Marketing.