Content Marketing Steps For Success

Northern Colorado Businesses Can Succeed


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Every Northern Colorado business owner has likely thought about the best methods for marketing their company. Whether you are already in the middle of your pan or you need to get started with one, here are the things that should be on your radar.

Content Marketing Because Content Is King

According to Bob Ruffalo from Impact, “Content marketing is about information. In other words, it’s the marketing of a business or brand through the sharing of educational, entertaining, or insightful information that will ultimately help readers improve their lives. This may be in the form of a change in personal behavior or, as most marketers hope, it could be in the form of a purchase decision. It’s not about forcing a sales pitch at people, but helping them move towards the best course of action (that just may be buying from you)”.

Methods to Succeed with Content Marketing

Success with content marketing is rooted in a couple key factors. The first is a strategy. There is no sense in creating content without a strategy. What are you trying to accomplish with your messaging? After you have your plan dialed in, the next thing you need is content and not just any content but high quality articles and write ups. If you put out unorganized and poor quality content, you should expect poor results.

Content Goals

Content Marketing requires a plan and some goals.

  • Why does your company need content marketing?
  • What are you striving to accomplish?

Failing to have a good plan that answers these two questions to start is a bad place to begin. Start with your goals and make all effort to achieve them.

Relevance, Interest and Quality Equals Good Content

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Planning your content should be based in relevance to your business and should moreover be interestingly relevant. Essentially you want to bring value to the people who are interested in your business offering. There are many different type of content and tons of different media or foums to get that content out there. You create videos and put them on YouTube, Write blog posts for your website or others, do case studies, make infographics to visually represent your business offering and more!

To be clear, you do not need to create all of them, it all depends on your plan. However, your strategy should include a certain amount of experimentation. You will want to try stuff, see how it worked and then implement those things that work.

SEO Planning Should be at the Forefront of Your Plan

If you want to show up on Google when someone searches, you need an SEO plan. All of your content should be targeted at a specific keyword and or area and it needs to be properly formatted and optimized for search engines to be able to decipher and index.

You Need a Strategy to Leverage Social Media for Your Content Marketing Plan

Share all content on your social media channels. Social media is a great tool that allows you to engage new customers as well as those you already have. You should choose social media platforms that are best suited for your business offering and makes sense in terms of your content type.

Email Marketing Should be Part of Your Strategy

Using Email marketing is a great way to get your content, whether they are blog posts or videos in front of your existing customers.

Email marketing also requires content creation, therefore email marketing requires content creation. Use email marketing to ask about reviews, drive customers to your website again or even to prompt your customers to schedule an appointment.

Content Marketing Tools

Most small business owners don’t have a ton of free time to learn how to market. Lucky for all of us, there are tools available to that help with planning, researching, and sharing your content. Once you have your strategy you just need to choose a tool that will be best for you. You can always try one for a trial period until you find the one you like the best.

Never Fly Blind, Measure Your Success

Marketing is focused around measuring, as it should be since it is based on an investment. That investment may be based on time, hiring companies such as Searchorb Marketing to help you or for tools to help you manage what you are doing. Data from Google Analytics and other data sources are critical to ensure you can know how many people view your content. It can also tell you how many shared and engaged with your content as well as how many converted into a paying customers. Measuring will also help you know what content or content types are working. This helps you understand what types of content should be ramped up or content that needs to be cut.

You need a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business and Searchorb Digital Marketing Near Fort Collins is Ready to Help!

If you are ready to invest in your business and secure actual leads. Call Searchorb Marketing in Northern Colorado at 303-349-0572 or 833-SEARCHS. You can also contact us through our website contact form. No matter how you reach out, we will do everything possible to ensure your company is successful. If you are not working within a content marketing, your company is simply losing business to your competitors!