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Display Advertising

Connect With Customers Using Display Advertising

Display advertising is used to convey a commercial message in a visual way using graphics, photos, text, logos, animations and/or videos. Searchorb will often use market targeting to capitalize on particular customer traits to increase the effectiveness of an ad.

A New World of Video Centric Consumer

Online most people use the internet for watching videos, searching for things or information, reading news and sending email. In the process of using a search engine they are also interacting with communities and sharing their interests on social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This behavior offers the opportunity for companies like yours to target these technologically savvy web users whom are continuously interacting with the world through the internet on various interests.

Who to Target with Display Advertising

Identify these anonymous users is done with cookies for the most part. Cookies are identifiers of specific computers that help identify whom has visited your website. This is what is used to determine which advertisements to put in front of a particular consumer. Cookies are useful to track if a user simply visited a page or even if they left without buying. Therefore, we can re-target them later with more targeted ads based on the website visited.

Data Is The Key To Online Marketing and Advertising Success

Collecting data is important to this process and if enough information is collected across multiple websites about each user’s activity on the web. This information can then be combined to create a statistical picture website visitor interests. The data is then used to deliver highly targeted advertising and is called behavioral targeting.

We can also use contextual and semantic advertising to deliver display ads that relate to content on web pages where ads will appear. Behavioral targeting, Re-targeting and contextual advertising are all three designed to focus financial marketing dollars for a higher return over less targeted ads.

Geo-targeting For Greater Add Localization

As advertising requirements become more fine-tuned, display advertising can be targeted based on user geography with geo-targeting. Geo-targeting uses a user’s IP address to pin down a rough location for most users. GPS and the location of nearby cell phone towers also helps gain a clear indication of user location which opens huge arrays of advertising opportunities.


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