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We Have Entered A Mobile Dominated World

Smartphone penetration in the United States is well over 70%. A majority of American adults have access to knowledge at all times. Information has become the enemy of excuses. Make bad decisions today is less and less prevalent. Choosing a good breakfast sandwich, dentist, doctor or any other service is all centered around that device you have in the palm of your hand. All of the information you need to make better decision is instantly available, presenting hundreds of reviews and research information. Consumers are still in the process of figuring this out but rest assured it will change the rules for marketing forever. Here are some shifts we see in the information is everywhere world we are in now.

Video is Not Optional

You need to explain and inform using video. Smartphones are rolling out with 5G capability and WiFi is everywhere. The barriers we used to see with using video as a primary communication method are long gone. Video is a fast to understand information, it is has become much easier to create and it is easier than ever for consumers to use. It will is a incredibly immersive and visceral form of content that should absolutely be part of your smartphone marketing campaign.

Strategize for the Small Screen

Most phones today are essentially computers with immersive Web browsing capabilities. Mobile traffic to your website should have already increased precipitously. If not, you need to redesign your website plain and simple. You must consider the mobile experience first and Google has made this clear. Once mobile is in place, you can then add desktop browsing elements. This is the exact opposite of how nearly 99% of all websites are not designed with mobile first functionality.

It’s All About Mobility

You must realize that thinking through mobile friendly website assets is crucial to your success. You better understand what customers need to ensure key information and elements are presented when a mobile version of your website is preferred. Always consider the information you need to provide people that will make their experience appealing in the less than 30 seconds. Failing to accept this smartphone marketing mindset will result in missed opportunities and failed conversions.

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