Drone Photos & Videography

Showcase your business like never before. Include unique aerial footage and boost your Social media and advertising presence. We create unique Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads with a combination of aerial, still shots and in business video footage.

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Great Aerial Views

We fly the Mavic Pro and we love the performance and stability the platform offers. The drone is compact and nimble making it easier to get in and out of tight spots. In today’s fierce global marketplace, companies need to adapt quickly and innovate to survive. Aerial drone video makes a statement and draws attention. Contact Searchorb for a free quote.

Real Estate Drone Footage Still Images - Full Production

Drones are great for external shots but they are also very stable and cable of very good internal shots as well. Drone videos look good because the gimbal keeps the video very stable. Plus, the 4k Sony based camera has great color balance and a multitude of capabilities.

3D Aerial Photography

Showcase your property with a CAD based 3D aerial image. We do all the work, taking hundreds of images from various altitudes to build a composite 3D image of your property.  We then run the video through propietary software to build a 3d image of your property that you can then view from all angles.

Business Drone Footage

Your business should be showcased in the best way possible. Aerial images and videos are a great way of capturing unique views of your business.  Whether you will be using high resolution aerial photos for a wall display, or 4k video footage for an advertisement, we have you covered. Showcase your business!

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Aerial Drone Operations and Photography

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3D Aerial Mapping

Not only can we create a 3D image of your home or business, we can also map your entire property. Our drones can fly over your property taking hundreds of images that will create a complete 3D map of your property. 

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Commercial Drone Inspections

With the technology boom, drones are now more available to anyone with any budget. Drones make it easier to inspect large commercial properties. Instead of an inspection taking hours, inspections can now be done in minutes. Insppections can be extremely time-consuming and things can be missed in hard to reach locations. We are experts at getting into those spots that are hard to reach and we are licensed to do so.


Gimbal Drone Camera Means Stabile Video

Our Mavic Pro drone uses the a three-axis gimbal for stable, smooth video. It is a professional level motion camera and can capture 4K videos and 12M pixels RAW or JPEG images. The 28mm f/2.2 lens provides a focused filed of view and is capable of long exposure times. Real Time Drone Video Feed

We can “real time” feed video and photos to you so you can understand immediately if you are getting what you are looking for.