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E-commerce Plans – Monthly Website and SEO Plans

Our monthly e commerce website design plans are designed to set some guidelines for determining your needs and what the general costs for your needs match up to. Our e-commerce website plans are flexible and affordable. If you fall between a plan or want want to customize we can always discuss the best options for you to get the most bang for your dollar.

Monthly Ecommerce Webite and Estore setup or migration. Monthly Plans
 $        99  $            199  $            399  $               599  $               699
Ecommerce Packages Micro Starter Budget Advanced Premier
Website Design and Development (Web Pages) 5 Pages 5 Pages 10 Pages 15 Pages 25 Pages
SEO for Website Pages (Not Products) 5 Pages 5 Pages 10 Pages 15 Pages 25 Pages
Product Setup (Variable Products Extra $10 per variable) 10 Pages 20 Products 50 Products 100 Products 150 Products
Product SEO Optimization
50 Pages 100 Pages 150 Pages
Website Content Creation and Articles
Basic Content and Research
300 Word Product Content Creation 5 Pages 20 Pages 60 Pages 55 Pages 100 Pages
500 Word Product Content Creation 60 Pages 50 Pages
800 Word Product Content Creation 25 Pages
Highest Quality Content and Research (Optional Upgrade)
300 Word Product Content Creation Ask Us About Pricing!
500 Word Product Content Creation
800 Word Product Content Creation
Ask about higher word count or heavy research articles.
Website Integrations
Etsy or Other Online Store Migration (Optional $999 if additional to product loads or included)
SSL Security Encryption Certificate 1 Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Credit Card Integration 1 Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shipping Integration 1 Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
SalesTax Calculations Yes
Product Management Plugin Yes Yes
Email signup database and Importing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adwords Campaigns 1 5
Pinterest Cross Linking 1 Pages 100 Pages 150 Pages
Google Marketplace Feed Integration 100 Pages 100 Pages
Email Marketing Campaigns 1 3
Social Media Marketing Yes 1 1
Local Search Directory Citations 10 Pages 20 Pages
Social Media and Blog  Management (Optional)
Social Media Account Setup, Management and Postings Ask Us About Pricing!
Social Post Media Creation
Blog Post Creation 300 Word
Blog Post Creation 500 Word
Blog Post Creation 800 Word

Ecommerce Plans

E commerce Online Shopping Websites Designed for Scale-ability

When investing in an e-commerce store, because of the complexity there are many considerations. Behind all of these individual services are many sub tasks that are frankly overwhelming to most people. Throwing up a website and hoping to get found is a fools game. No company wants to end up with a lack web traffic and therefore no sales.

Our e commerce website design plans give you a wide product offering. Services included will get your products in front of potential customers. Our e-commerce plans include marketing and SEO strategies touching on advertising.

Online Shopping Websites Should Include Marketing, SEO and Advertising

We build your web presence to get you in the best possible position to gain higher domain authority and high google ranking, but high national ranking takes time. Not  to mention brand recognition importance. First of all, Google will make any company earn their way into the big show. However, you can always buy your way in. Without advertising your website will take time to get what Google calls domain authority. This means your website gets ranked higher with google, therefore you reach higher authority. We can  manage any size paid advertising budget which is a great way to boost a selection of products to drive more traffic and more sales sooner.

National Online Stores | E Commerce Website Design | SEO & Marketing

Customers expectations for national e-commerce goals must be grounded. Moreover, real expectation should be interlaced with your budget. If you spend $100 a month on advertising you will likely drive some traffic and get some sales. However, we will create strategies for your products as well as your brand. Searchorb will implement strategic keyword planning. However, expecting to get a ton of sales in the first few months may end in disappointment. To help ensure national market penetration you will need to advertise.

The result for national advertising campaigns largely depends on your budget and other activities such as social media postings, blog writing, newsletters, email marketing campaigns and many other direct and indirect marketing strategies. As you know, a website alone is not a business, the business is also the driver for the websites success. The more engaged you are, the more likely you are to get other businesses to link to your business, thus building your domain authority. National online shopping websites are not simple. However, that does not mean it is impossible to be successful. With any online presence, a great e commerce website design is the core.

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