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We are currently taking on new clients in the Fort Collins area. When you are looking for a Fort Collins SEO Agency, we understand there is competition. However, Searchorb is different. We utilize clear and sound SEO principles that follow Googles guidelines. We work hard to cover a wide gamut of SEO impacting activities to ensure your SEO and advertising dollars are well spent with a positive ROI.

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Searchorb Marketing is a full service SEO and internet advertising company. We work in all phases of web presence development including web design, PPC ads, SEM, SEO, conent creation and much more. We have developed sound practices that get our customers noticed, driving more web traffic and lead generation.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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Content Optimization

Have a website but need to have your content worked over? We can help!

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On Page Optimization

On-page optimizing requires a great deal of understanding and expertise which we have.

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SEO Consulting

Do you just want us to take a look at how you are doing and give advice? We can do that.

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SEO Data Analysis

Without Data, there is nothing to know if we are on track. We measure everything for you .

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SEO Strategy

We first understand your business objectives and then tailor the SEO strategy accordingly.

Fort Collins SEO

Fort Collins is a vibrant town with a lot to offer We love the Fort and do a lot of business with our Fort Collins Clients. We hope that when you are looking fr a Fort Collins SEO Company you will seek us out. If you are ready now, drop us a line, call us or reach us through social media.

We don’t go out and say we are the cheapest in town as we are sure you would see that as a failed company doing whatever they can. However, we will say we do a great job for our clients and we do it reasonably.

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2019 SEO Strategies

The role of SEO has been revolutionized over the last few years. Gone are the days of setting up meta data for keywords and wala, search results. Google is looking for value in the websites they serve. This is the key in today’s internet world. We must ensure your company is seen as legitimate, your service or product is needed and your website should provide information needed to make informed decisions about doing business with you or buying your products.

Local advertising has changed remarkably and you should adapt or risk losing business to your competition. Successful companies realize they must advertise and those that are doing so are reaping the rewards. SEO is a critical piece of the advertising budget because it provides the most trusted search results on Google.

Paid ads are valuable, but SEO is the key for sustained business growth and brand recognition in your market. Let us show you how a Fort Collins based SEO plan can get your business better search results, driving more leads and/or selling more products or services.


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SEO is synonomous with Search Engine Optimization. Every business that wants to get more leads and sell products or services should be thinking about how tey appear online. The workd has changed and print media is going by the wayside. Yellow page ads are less productive and newspapers are losing their impact to web content. What are you waiting for, the internet to go away?

Test Your Website's SEO Score For Free!

Let’s Get Bolder And Do Something Bigger Together!

Searhorb ad associates and SEO specialists have big ideas. However, they are also very knowledgeable and studied. The criteria Google uses to show your website is constantly evolving. We change with that tide and adapt practices that will leverage those changes so our clients traffic will remain intact and thrive.

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Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is someone who understand how the search engines look at a website and business and creates a strategy based on the business goals to get that business found online . A good SEO agency will work with you to develop on-page SEO, directory listings, link building, social media and much more.

What is White Hat and Black hat SEO?

Black hat is the proverbial dark side of SEO. This means SEO’s are using tactics to trick Google into liking your website against their policies. We use only white hat techniques that conform to Google search criteria and policies. Don’t risk your web success on black hat techniques that may get you penalized by Google.   

WIX says I can do SEO myself.

Sure, you can do whatever you want, its the results that matter. WIX’s SEO promises are flatly not going to get you traffic. Tey are predicated on a whole slew of other activities that need to happen and are primarily focused on Google My Business listings as the core. Your Google My Business Listing is a component of SEO not the core. All aspects of SEO should be understood and the strategies most apt to help your business should be employed. We can help, just call us.

Why Does Google Make it So Hard?

Because they are trying to show, out of billions of search results, only the most relevant results related to what you are seeking.

Some of Our Services

Go check out our other offerings on our website. You will find a wide range of services beyond our Fort Collins SEO Projects.


SEO is a process where your web presence is optimized through your website, social media, linkages with other businesses and keyword targeting. There is no quick and easy solution to SEO just like there is no get rich quick schemes that work. Your advertising investment is valuable and we will treat your money and your business goals with the utmost of respect.

Stacy Glasgow

Owner, Searchorb Marketing

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We have created a ton of articles related to SEO and internet advertising. We hope you will find he information helpful.

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Searhcorb Marketing is a local, Veteran owned business. We are rated A with the BBB and are members of the Chamber of Commerce. We have won several awards and are a Google Certified ad agency. Lets work together and grow your business to reach your goals and achieve new heights.


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