Google Speed Test for Mobile Ready

Make Sure You Are Ready for Google Speed Test Criteria

Google speed test for mobile page load speed is going to be an integral of your website’s mobile search rankings. They will soon factor page speed into the websites’ search rank score. Google has decided to make the change because website visitors who find fast loading pages are more likely to stay on the website longer.

Why reward a slow website that performs poorly and does not encourage engagement. In general, a fast-loading mobile website will help improve your search rankings. This is because Google’s search algorithm will take on mobile page speed as a key element. Google is rolling out the update in July of 2018.
Mobile-ready websites and searches account for considerable traffic on the internet. Mobile devices are becoming more capable, larger and often replace a personal computer. Improved wireless internet connectivity also makes mobile devices the most convenient method of accessing the internet. With Google seeing significantly higher mobile usage in the past few years, they want to ensure the user experience of accessing a mobile website is good.

Capitalize on the Google Speed Testing Change

You can capture your competitors lost traffic. This could truly allow you to differentiate your website in the mobile search space. If your competitors are not performing speed optimization on their websites, they may well drop out of mobile searches in July of this year. We encourage all website owners to strike while the iron is hot. This is a chance to increase traffic while your competitors are still trying to figure out why they are no longer getting leads or calls.

Preparing for Google Mobile Speed Requirements

There is a decent amount of time to optimize your mobile web pages. Now is the time to ensure your website’s mobile design has sufficient page load speed so you get or keep web traffic. The SEO and website design experts at Searchorb Marketing will get your websites mobile facing website optimized. Just call us we can help. You can call, email or chat directly from our website or just use a mobile device.

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