pirate tower laguna beachA Pirates Life, Well Sort Of!

If you have ever wished you were a pirate, this story is for you. When you think of Pirates do link them to Laguna Beach California? If not, your not alone, there are no pirates in California except for the Oakland Raiders. There is no storied history of Pirates in California, so why is there a Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach? Victoria Beach in South Laguna is where you will find an amazing piece of architecture with an interesting past.

The tower is called the Pirate Tower by locals and is around sixty feet tall. A landmark and truly beautiful man made spire, it is slightly askew and looks as though it were carved out from the sandstone cliff surrounding it. It is called the Pirate tower because, well look at it. It is easy to imagine a watchman manning the tower searching for pirates to warn the local town folk.

pirate tower

Victoria Beach Tower In Laguna Beach California

The true history is a little less exciting but still interesting. The story began with William E. Brown, a senator from Los Angeles. Senator Brown built the tower in 1926 for his own private use and was essentially made to be an enclosed staircase for beach access. Brown himself came to California in 1882 and in addition to becoming a Senator he was also a renowned painter. He loved the California coastline, especially around Laguna Beach with all of its beauty. The picturesque backdrops made Laguna Beach a great area to live and to be a painter inspiring him to have easy access to the ocean below.

A Pirate Finally Bought the Tower

After Senator Brown passed, Harold Kendrick purchased the property in the 1940’s. He was a retired Navy Captain and pirate lover. Mr. Kendrick found himself drawn to the home. As reported by locals in the know, mostly because of the strange but beautiful tower. Kendrick is known to have been as fascinating as the building itself. He loved playing the part of the pirate and did so often. He was also a beloved neighbor and would often dress as a pirate to entertain local children with games and sea stories.

Over the years, the Laguna Beach property and tower have switched hands several times. The tower is now under lock and key lost to visitors, slowly and sadly decaying. Nonetheless, the tower is still erect and inspires imaginations of sailors, pirates, black skull flags and the mysteries of the sea.


Written by Stacy Glasgow from Searchorb Markting and Media

Stacy is a US Navy Veteran, Aviation and history buff.