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SEO data analysis is a important to rank higher, expand your traffic, and hit business goals and objectives. An analysis helps us to make strategic decisions that will reduce time and effort.

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Without performing an SEO data analysis on your website, you are fighting an uphill battle that will be near impossible to improve your website’s SERP ranking.

We Have the Tools

The hard part is knowing what tool to use? We use the best analysis tools on the market. We know what to use for your SEO strategy. 

Knowing is Half the Battle

If we know what is wrong you can fix it and get your search rank heading in the right direction. SEO is a process that we study and understand.

Importance of SEO Analysis

SEO or Search engine optimization, in very basic terms, is a process used to make your website more easily found and visible to search engines and to subsequently improve your website’s search ranking.

However basic it sounds, tactics used to improve your SEO isn’t something you should jump into without a clear strategy in mind. We recommend developing your SEO strategy by conducting a full SEO data analysis.

Reduces Time and Effort

Identifies Where to Focus

Helps Tailor SEO Strategy

SEO Data Analysis

Why Is It Needed?

SEO data analysis is performed using a tool that give indications of how a given website is currently structured for SEO and how it may be ranking on Google. Using an SEO analysis is key to finding aspects of your SEO deployment that are working and areas that need improved to better enhance your website ranking.




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SEO Content Optimization

seo data analysis greeley seo data analysis greeley clean 1[/caption]Google Search Console

This used to be known as Google Webmaster Tools. This is Googles free service and is absolutely critical to your SEO efforts. You can perform several major functions including, Check your crawl rate as well as Googlebot statistics. List pages that are linking to your website, both internally and externally. Google will send notifications through console regarding specific search coverage issues. Very importantly you can determine the specific keyword searches that led users on Google to your website. As you can see, Google Search Console is critical and indispensable.

Check My Links

It is well known that broken links are make for a terrible user experience for your website visitors. The Check My Links extension helps out with this by making link checking easier.

This is a extension you add to your Chrome browser that will check your site to ensure your links are working on every webpage. The tool highlights every link on the page and identifies those that are working properly versus broken links.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro’s solutions are impressive. They have a Keyword research tool that creates a list of keywords to target. It will help you check how you compare in ranking with your competitors, and it will prioritize your keywords for metrics like organic click through rate and SEO difficulty.

The suite of capabilities also tracks ranking for your website versus your competition. It will compare mobile searches versus desktop and will even monitor critical keyword rank metrics. MOZ will constantly review your website’s overall health by crawling it to discover issues. It will also allow you to determine alerts you want to see for critical issues, and helps you get an indication of how these issues affect your SEO.

A great feature is page optimization. You can enter your keyword and webpage and MOZ will provide guidance to optimize the webpage’s content. You can also locate pages with higher ranking potential so you can implement structure or content improvement suggestions. The Moz tools offer a full link analysis, will compare your link status to your competitors and will even allow you to set goals and track progress with their Link Tracking Lists.

You can also run reports that will fit your needs. These reports can include website crawl data, search rankings, links and you can even customize and brand the reports. Moz has many free features but their most desired features are a paid services.

UpCity SEO Report Card

This free tool generates a report of important data including, rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, website accessibility and an overall summary. UpCity’s Report Card can help you be more prepared to execute sound SEO strategies.

HubSpot Website Grader

Simply enter your websites URL and a valid email into the HubSpot Website Grader. You will be emailed a grade based on comprehensive measurements that will include some personalized suggestions. Your Website Grader score is based on a scale of 0 to 100 and consists of the following sections.

Website performance measures your webpage size, how many page requests yur site requires, load speed of the tested webpage, any redirects you have in place, whether you are using browser caching and a lot more. It will also grade your mobile design, responsiveness and user experience on mobile phones. The test looks at webpage titles, meta description, heading tags, and the presence of a sitemap.

It will also measure your security and determines if you have a valid SSL certificate in place.

Each of the tools listed here can bring value to analyzing SEO efforts. Each provides unique reporting based on complex measurement methods.

Google’s Webmaster Tools is likely the most popular because it’s free and user friendly. It is also sponsored and maintained by Google giving it credibility.

However, many companies like Searchorb will invest SEO analysis tools like Moz because it is so well integrated and complete.

What Should an SEO Analysis Include?

This all depends on the website and customer, however, here are some common data points. An analyses detailing your top industry competitors. Your keyword performance including rank, difficulty, monthly searches, organic click through rate and your competitor keyword rank. A link check to identify low quality links from spam sites.

Off page link reports to measure your link building effectiveness. Performance data for your website such as page load speed and ease of navigation. Information about your website’s structure. A content audit to identify duplicate content or pages where content is lacking or missing. Proper use of image alt text, meta descriptions and social media. Another key measurement is website responsiveness making the design flexible to display correctly on desktop and mobile.

This is but an idea of what you may see on an SEO analysis report from Searchorb Marketing or any SEO agency. I think you can see that an SEO analysis is vital to your success. When the right tools are used you are on your way to improving your web traffi